Teaching & Learning Methodologies

At our school, we take the very best from various international teaching approaches that makes teaching dynamic. Methodologies like Bloom’s Taxonomy, The Jigsaw Method, Play-way method, Experience method etc, are some of the ways that are used to teach here.

Collaborative learning opportunities engage the students in discussions to take responsibility for their own learning and become critical thinkers.

Smart Classes

It is always easy to remember something that is taught visually rather than the one that is read through pages after pages. The concept of smart class education is indeed a blessing to the students of the 21st Century. Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching becomes appealing to students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom. Audio-visual aids help the students to store the information fast and more effectively. And then, there is the advantage of utilizing much of the time wasted earlier in drawing or preparing diagrams on board. Smart boards have all these information in memory and can be presented during the time of class lectures and thus, the time saved can be used for more important things.