Raja Foundation

Raja Foundation in the service of humanity

Raja Foundation in the service of humanity
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Raja Foundation is dedicated to bring bright sparks and smiles into the darkened lives of homeless, helpless, orphans, HIV / AIDS, elderly people and the abandoned in the streets. It promotes love, care, service and human values.

The Human Philosophy of Raja Foundation

Vision   : Change the world through Love & Service.

Mission  : Helping Hands are better then praying lips.

Prayer   : Let all human being live in happiness.

Beneficiaries of Raja Foundation from 2002 – 2015

The following details will give you an Idea about No. of people who received the service through Raja Foundation.

Total No. of Orphan Children - 3150
Aged Adults - 482
HIV / AIDS Adults - 1550
HIV / AIDS Children - 295
No. of Child laborers - 435
No. of HIV / AIDS pregnant women who received medical service - 96
No. of Rape victims - 22
No. of Mentally Retarded - 53
No. of Physically Handicapped - 14
No. of people who had HIV / AIDS tests through mobile vehicle - 11897
No. of children born of HIV / AIDS women freed from HIV / AIDS - 360
No. of Street Children - 1420